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Our Voice Sounds Song.mp3

This week we have been using different voice sounds and in this song we have the sounds:

  1. buzz buzz
  2. moo moo
  3. tick-tock
  4. hello
  5. choo choo
  6. Yippee!
  7. Squeak squeak
  8. boing boing

​​​​​​​Practise each sound in the mirror or screen to see how your mouth moves.

Sing the song

Which sound was your favourite?

Use your homemade megaphone to make loud and quiet sounds!


Today we are continuing to learn the number rhyme 'Five little speckled frogs'    

Click here for the number rhyme:

Now use your puppets or fingers to sing the number rhyme again.

Practise taking one away. How many are left each time?

Tomorrow is dress up day! You can wear a favourite costume or a hat!

Remember to bring your 'decorated letter'

We look forward to seeing you!

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