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Daily Activities (Week Beginning 30.3.2020)

Friday 3rd April

Today's challenge: Use what you have been practising - who, where, when, what happened and why questions.

Each activity below shows a picture.

Younger children (Reception & Yr 1): can you use the picture to answer the questions.

Older children (Yr 2 & 3): look at the picture, can you think of who, where, what doing and why questions for each picture. Can you think of 3 or more? Write down your questions to ask an adult. Then talk through the answers and other questions that you could have asked. 

Here is an example:

  • Who is cooking?
  • Who is in the tree?
  • What is the boy doing?
  • What is the dog doing?
  • Where is the banana?
  • Where is the dog?
  • Why is the man wearing an apron?
  • Why is the boy digging?


Thursday 2nd April

Today your challenge is the question word 'why'. This is a really useful word to use especially in science! Scientists are always wondering why, which then leads then to explore and find the answers and discover new things.

Practise answering why questions using the games below, then see how many 'why' questions you can think of.

'Why' Question Starter Activities

                                Wednesday 1st April 

Today we are challenging you to use 2 more question words. They are 'when' and 'what'. Can you use the signs too? How many times can you use these question words? I wonder who will use them most?



'What' and 'when'

Still image for this video

                                                                  Tuesday 31st March 

It is very important that you can ask questions as well as answering them. Signalong can help you to ask questions. Here are the signs for 'who' and 'where'. How many times can you use these words to ask questions today? Use them to ask questions about the characters in a book, your learning, your family, anything!


'Who' and 'Where'

Still image for this video

Monday 30th March

Make a visual timetable to help you organise your learning activities. You will be able to organise your day, see what you have achieved and set goals for the next day. I have attached 2 different examples that you may like to print off and use or you may have your own ideas to make your very own bespoke timetable!


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