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Welcome to Starfish Class! 


Here we will share all of our exciting learning adventures and information on our PE and our Outdoor learning days! Keep an eye out for pictures of what we get up to over the course of the year! 


PE days are on Tuesday. Please make sure you come to school wearing the proper school PE kit. 

Outdoor Learning is on Wednesdays. Please make sure you are dressed for the weather and have a pair of wellies to leave at school. When in the forest we need to make sure our arms and legs are covered so please make sure you are wearing long trousers and have a jacket/ jumper to wear to cover arms. We go out in all weather no matter the rain! 



I wonder ... how the story will end! 


This term we will be looking at a range of traditional tales. We will be going on a hunt to search for the answers to the clues, solving a crime scene and making wanted posters for a range of characters. 

We are diving into books during story time, picking them apart and asking questions as well as discussing our thoughts on the stories, characters, settings and what is going to happen! 


We will be developing our gymnastic skills, practising our cutting skills and becoming scientists! 

Keep an eye out for our exciting learning journey this term! 



Spring 1 Learning leaflet

I wonder whats out there .... Part 2! 


This term we are jumping back on the magic carpet to explore France, Poland, India and Australia before heading back home for afternoon tea with the Queen! 

Keep an eye out for our adventures! 


We have also got some special events such as World book day, Science Day, Maths day and our first ever class assembly!


This week in France we learnt the CAN-CAN in our PE lessons! Learnt about some of the famous landmarks such as the Eiffel tower. We tried pointilism painting like Georges Seurat to create our own Eiffel tower picture. Made crepes in the playdough area as it was Pancake day this week and had a go at pancake flipping outside. 


We also celebrated world book day, saw a production and enjoyed a book snuggle with milkshakes in our Pyjamas

Can Can | Dance Routine for Kids

This is the video we copied when learning to dance the CAN CAN whilst visiting France

Book Snuggle




This week we went to Poland. We travelled on our magic carpet to see where it is and then we had a look at a powerpoint to help us learn more information! 

We have a book in the area with a magic pen which lets us hear the words in Polish and then have a go at saying these words ourselves. In our class, we have two children who know Polish and they have also been teaching us some words and talking about what they know. 


Science day 


As it is science week this week we had a go at creating astronaut pictures, rockets and even watched a video about a launch! 

pictures and videos of these will be attached below so please have a look! 


We then thought about what questions we would ask if an astronaut came to visit! These are included below! 

Rocket Launch | CBC Kids News

This is the video we watched about the launch

SpaceX Crew Dragon Returns from Space Station on Demo-1 Mission

We watched clips from this video about how a rocket lands back on Earth!

I wonder... whats out there? 


This term we are travelling all around the world looking at different countries and learning lots of new exciting things about each one! 

In Spring 1 we will be visiting: The UK, Africa, China (in time for Chinese New Year) and Italy. Keep an eye out for the exciting things we explore and learn as we take to our 'Magic Carpet' and visit these amazing places. 


We enjoyed exploring the new chalkboard in the role play by writing our names

We practised our preservance in a task during our Jigsaw lesson

We planted two plants. We named them Heather the Hyacinth and Dave the Daffodil

Children's English Country Dancing 2011

This is the dance we learnt in PE whilst visiting the UK

We tried some african dancing!

African dance

This is the dance we are learning in the picture above!

Chinese Dance For Kids

This is the dance we are learning whilst visiting China!

Autumn 2 


This term we are learning all about celebrations! We will be exploring Bonfire night, Diwali, Remembrance, Birthdays and Christmas! We will also be producing a Nativity show that we cannot wait to share with you! 


Bonfire Night! 


We had fun creating pictures of bonfires and fireworks using a range of different media. We also used warm colours such as red, yellow and orange to create bonfire paintings.

We watched videos of fireworks from a range of celebrations so we could see all the different colours and patterns that they make safely. 

We extended our learning to the forest where we used old clothes to make our own version of Guy Fawkes. 

We also discussed how to stay safe when visiting a bonfire! You can see a safety video below!  

Fireman Sam Official: Bonfire Night Safety

πŸ”₯ New Fireman Sam Videos!β–Ί Subscribe to Fireman Sam on YouTube: http://b...

London's 2021 fireworks πŸŽ† Happy New Year Live! πŸ”΄ BBC

Subscribe and πŸ”” to OFFICIAL BBC YouTube πŸ‘‰ original BBC programmes FIRST on BBC iPlayer πŸ‘‰ Big Ben str...

Remembrance week! 


We had a great time learning about soldiers and their vehicles, we made a variety of vehicles in the Junk Modelling area. Made a variety of poppies and even completed obstacle courses outside like soldiers would! At the end of the week we had fun dressing up and even saw some original World War 2 items! 

The Gunpowder Plot Song - Guy Fawkes Night for Kids | Bonfire Night 2022

Listen to Twinkl's Gunpowder Plot song and learn all about the story behind Guy Fawkes Night 2022 (also known as Bonfire Night)! Meet an array of famous name...

Look at our Costumes!

Remembrance and Forces Friday!


We enjoyed learning about a different celebration looking at the story of Rama and Sita. We created Diwa lamps out of salt dough, and acted out our own puppet shows using the characters from the story. 

We made salt dough Diwa lamps for Diwali!

The Hindu Story of Rama and Sita | Religions of the World

Follow this link for Teacher Notes and more:

Christmas and advent! 


All term we have been learning about advent in our RE lessons and learning about why it is special to Christians. 

We have had a christmas role play where we could write letters to santa, decorate christmas trees and even have a indoor friendly snowball fight! 

We have practiced wrapping 'presents' and giving them to our friends. 


We have even been visited by a naughty elf who needed a name... He is now called Bob! Bob has been getting up to all sorts of mischief when we have been at home. We have caught him snoring in the cupboard, eating kitkats, playing in a ball pit, toasting marshmallows, climbing a paper chain, stuck in the Interactive whiteboard and a window! He even decorated the classroom with toilet roll! 


We have been working really hard learning our Nativity songs and lines ready for our Nativity, which we hope you all enjoyed! 


We even had a visit from the big man himself! Father Christmas! He brought us all a present because we have been working so hard at school this term! 

Autumn 1

We enjoyed learning about what makes us special this half term. Learning about ourselves, our family and our community. Have a look at some of the exciting things we got up to below! 


We had a visit from Police Officer Moore!

We have enjoyed exploring in COOL time

We enjoyed going on a walk around our local area! Looking at features we saw on a map

We have enjoyed looking at and making repeating patterns

We have enjoyed exploring the forest

Weve enjoyed extending our learning outside. Practicing letter formation and finding larger and smaller objects

We have enjoyed ordering numbers largest to smallest

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