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Spring Term 1 - Once Upon a Time...

Healthy Heart Day Team Activities

The Black Country Living Museum - Class Trip

On Wednesday 26th January, we had a fantastic class trip to the Black Country Living Museum. The children were an absolute delight and a real credit to Matchborough First School Academy. We are so proud of their behaviour and enthusiasm throughout the day.

We started our trip with an educational activity about toys. We learnt  about how very few Victorian children had any toys. We compared old and new toys and had a chance to play with some of the different toys that some children would have had in Victorian times. Our excellent guide then told an engaging story using just two sticks as props. Showing the children that you don't need toys to have fun.

We explored the museum, looking in houses and shops. We noticed some of the old household items that we have been learning about in class (such as the old oven, iron bath in the kitchen and chamber pots).

After lunch, we experienced a lesson in the school house. The classroom was very cold! We learnt that up to 300 children would have been taught in the same classroom! We learnt about how children of different ages learnt to write and we sang some songs. The teacher was quite strict and even caned Mrs Oakley for her misbehaviour! 


To end our fantastic trip, we even had an unexpected ride on an old 1920s bus. What a fabulous day! 

(Take a look at the photos below to see just a bit of the fun we had.)

Bus journey and Vehicle Showroom

Look at our amazing role play area - inspired by the brick house in 'The Three Little Pigs'


Some of our finest police officers:



Busy with the paperwork!

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