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Session 1

The UK

Using all the questions below, it's time for you to do a bit of research. Take your time. Use your brain, map books (car ones are good), books if you have anything suitable, adults you know and the internet to try and answer them. Then present your ideas. You could make a massive poster or even a power point presentation or a news report/ script for TV programme all about the UK. 


So first we need to remember what we know about the United Kingdom. 



  • Name 10 cities in the UK. (Can you remember the capital cities?)
  • Name 4 mountains in the UK or the names of hills. 
  • Name 7 rivers in the UK.



  • How do people in the UK travel?
  • What are the main roads? Airports? Train lines? Ports?



  • Which items is the UK famous for? 
  • What is made or produced here that we sell to other countries?
  • What types of food do we grow here?
  • Where do tourists from other countries like to visit in the UK? Why?



  • What are the temperatures in the UK? 
  • What is the hottest/ coldest month?
  • When is it rainy?
  • How do the temperatures differ? E.g. between Edinburgh and London?


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