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            Summer Term 1

I wonder .......... how the story will end?



To immerse the children in a range of traditional tales with a particular focus on 'The Gingerbread Man' and 'The Three Little Pigs'. 



The children will learn about the structure of traditional stories, story settings, a range of characters and the events that happened. We will be discussing stories, taking part in role play activities, investigating why things happened and how things could be changed. We will be introducing floor books as a means of delving deeper into stories. The children will be learning to retell stories using words, pictures and writing.



The children will have a greater knowledge of a range of traditional tales and a growing awareness of the different parts of a story. They will learn to give their opinions, expressing preferences, likes and dislikes. We aim for the children to develop a love of stories and reading.


  Why Now ?

The children have been exposed to a range of stories and are now ready to look at traditional tales in greater depth. Through their phonic lessons they are developing their early writing skills and this topic will enable them to develop their skills through a range of writing activities.

                                               Gingerbread Man Hunt!

On Tuesday we found an interesting clue in Seahorse classroom. This led to a clue hunt around the reception area. At each place we found more clues and an envelope with a shape or shapes inside. Once we had found all of the clues we took the shapes back to our classroom and our clever Seahorses put all of the shapes together to make ........A Gingerbread Man! Finally Mrs Snape read us the story of The Gingerbread to start our new topic 'I the story will end?'

The Gingerbread Man hunt for clues!

     Spring Term

                              'I wonder..........what is out there?'



For children to know about the lives of different people in countries around the world. 


Each week the children will travel around the world on a magic carpet. They will learn about the language, food, houses, dress, climate, animals, landmarks and celebrations of each country visited.


The children will have a greater understanding of differences and similarities in places, people and their lives and be able to compare them to our own.

Why Now?

The children will have knowledge of the U.K. through previous learning. This topic is extending their knowledge of Geography and the world they live in.


Facts about seahorse

Find out some amazing facts about Seahorses!

Hey-ho-hey, Seahorse | Sea Animals Song | Animal Song | Pinkfong Songs for Children

Have fun with this seahorse song!

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