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Scientist 1

Galileo Galilei


Your first scientist is a man called Galileo Galilei. His name doesn't sound very English does it? I wonder where he is from? Let's find out a little about him using the link below.



So Galileo was a famous Italian scientist and one that questioned other scientist's ideas! He is responsible for making you think of questions before you complete an experiment! A very good idea if you ask me. What's the point of finding something out, if you don't know what you're answering?!


Galileo questioned lots of scientific theories including ideas about space but this week we are going to concentrate on his work about gravity. Have a look at some of the video clips below to find out a bit more!


Find out what is gravity. Who were some of the other scientists who had been investigating it, or finding out about it by accident!



See what happens in space when astronauts test out Galileo's theory of gravity in space.



See the effects of gravity on a stunt artist.




Time to investigate


Experiment 1

Find a straw. Using the straw see which objects you can lift and which ones you can't. Record your results in a table or you could list the objects and tick or cross them. 



Your objects don't fall when you sucking the straw equals the same as gravity. When the object falls off, gravity is greater! 

What other questions have you now got? What else could you investigate? 

What if I...?

What would happen if I...?

Maybe now I could try...



Experiment 2

Another good experiment to test Galileo’s discovery is to half fill one plastic bottle and leave another (the same size) empty. If dropped from the same height they will hit the ground at the same time!

What other questions have you now got? What else could you investigate? Can you find some other investigations linked to gravity? 

Have you encountered the word 'air resistance'? What is it?


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