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Return to school September 2021

Follow the current National Guidelines we have been able to plan for changes in the school day from September. These changes and return to ‘normality’ will only be in place if Government guidance remains the same over the Summer Holiday. If there are any further changes, you will be informed before our return in September and updates will be uploaded to the website, with notifications being sent via text message.



There is no longer a need for Year group or class bubbles in September. Children and staff will be allowed to move around school and mix with children from different classes and year groups. Meaning assemblies, play times and lunch times will be back to normal as well as whole school events. 

Drop off and Pick up


In September the school day will begin at 8:50am and end at 3:30pm for all children. The bell will ring at 8:50am and classroom doors close at 8:55am for registers at 9:00am.


The gates at the front and back of the school will be open from 8:30am in the morning and then will reopen at 3:20pm in the afternoon. If children are on the school premises, they MUST be accompanied by an adult.


There will NOT be a one way system in place in September. Parents will not need to wear a mask on the school site.


Children will be able to enter along the front of school, straight in to their classroom door where the teacher will greet them. Children will also be able to enter through the back doors off the playground where a Teaching Assistant from their year group will greet them.


Children in Year 2, 3 and 4 will exit out of the back of school onto the playground at 3:30pm.

Children in Nursery, Reception and Year 1 will exit out of their classroom door, this is the same door they enter school through.


We understand that many families have children in different year groups.

For years 1-4, we will send all older siblings down to the youngest sibling to all exit school from one door.  For example if you have a child in year 1 and year 3 both children will exit from the Year 1 classroom together so you only need to pick up from one place.


Can we ask, if you have a younger sibling in Nursery or Reception that that you collect the youngest sibling first and then collect the older sibling from their classroom door. We cannot send children down to reception or nursery. 

PE Kit

Children will be able to continue coming to school wearing their PE kits for the entire day on their PE days.

Each class has 2 PE sessions a week, one indoor and one outdoor.

Matchborough PE kits consists of:

  • Black, blue or red shorts, leggings or tracksuit bottom
  • A white T-shirt, plain or with the Matchborough logo.
  • A red jumper or hoody, plain red or with the Matchborough logo. 
  • Patterned hoodies, tops or bottoms are strictly not allowed.
  • Trainers or black pumps.




PE days will be text to you in September the week before the children return to school. 



All children will be eating in the hall and have access to the full menu every day. We have an exciting new menu launching in September with lots more choice and variety and a brand new hot and cold deli bar. Children can also choose between a ham, cheese or tuna sandwich packed lunch on a Monday to Thursday, and ham, cheese or jam on a Friday. A jacket potato with cheese is a daily addition to the below menu choices.  


Please see the menus below and note that the children are starting on Week 2 of the menus when they return to school in September. The menus are then rotated in order on a weekly basis.  


w.c. 01/11/21 - Week 3 menu 

w.c. 08/11/21 - Week 1 menu 

w.c. 15/11/21 - week 2 menu 

w.c. 22/11/21 - week 3 menu 

w.c. 29/11/21 - week 1 menu 

w.c. 06/12/21 - week 2 menu 

w.c.13/12/21 - week 3 menu 



Remember: children in Reception and Key Stage 1 are entitled to Universal Free School Meals and can choose anything from the menu. Orders will be taken in the morning during registration, so you can choose on the day without pre-ordering.


Children in Year 3 and 4 must pay £2.30 for a school lunch unless entitled to income-based Free School Meals. If your child would like a school dinner, please send the money in a sealed envelope, which they will hand to their class teacher during registration.


If you think you might be entitled to income based Free School Meals you can apply at:

Week 1 menus for week commencing 08th November and 29th November

Week 2 menus for weeks commencing 15th November and 06th December

Week 3 menus for weeks commencing 01st November, 22nd November and 13th December

Additional lunch choices

Reading Books


Children will each receive a homework diary and reading book. We encourage children to read every night. They should bring their homework diary and reading book into school EVERDAY.

Bags and pencil cases


From September children will be able to bring a back pack or book bag into school. Each child will have a peg to hang their belongings.

Children will no longer need to bring their own pencil cases and stationary to school – all resources will be provided by school.

Children will not need to have a PE kit in school as they will where their PE kit for the entire day on PE days.

If you have any question or need any help or support regarding your child's return in September then do not hesitate to email Miss Halion at: 


Have a fantastic Summer and enjoy time together as a family. We look forward to seeing you in September! :) 

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