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Return to School - Key Workers

Key Worker Children return to school – Information for parents


It is essential the school know your working day 2 weeks in advance to ensure children can be allocated a Key Worker space.

Dates for the weeks commencing Monday 8th June and Monday 15th June must confirmed in advance and will be allocated on a first come first serve basis.

The week commencing Tuesday 2nd June is now full.

Due to restricted space and staffing, you will not be able to change or swap days unless prior notice is given and these are confirmed.

All information about dates must be given to Miss Halion via telephone or email at



Today you have received a text message with the following information:

  • Your child’s class – KW 1 – 4
  • Your child’s classroom – number 1 – 13
  • Your child’s teachers – a Teacher and Teaching Assistant

Below there is a ‘Return Pack’ for each class. Please select the correct class pack for your child to find information about their teachers, classroom and start and end times. On this pack we have included photographs of the staff and classroom to share with your child and familiarise them with the new arrangements before their return on Tuesday 2nd June.


Classes and classrooms

  • Children will be returning to school in small classes.
  • In each class there will be 10 children, 1 teacher and 1 teaching assistant.


Drop off and pick up

  • Children will enter and exit school through their new classroom door.
  • Only one adult will be able to accompany children.
  • We ask that you are mindful of others and socially distance whilst waiting at the school gate.
  • Please do not approach the school until your allocated time to allow for social distancing.
  • We ask for drop off and pick up to be prompt.
  • Any messages for the teacher need to be emailed to the school office or Miss Halion as we cannot allow for conversations on the door.
  • Please ensure you remain 2 metres from the classroom door and staff.
  • If you are working shorter hours and intend on picking your child up before 3:00pm, you will need to inform Miss Halion via telephone or email in advance.
  • Children must be dropped off at 9:00am – start times can no longer be staggered.
  • All children to be collected at 1PM every Friday



  • Children will now be required to wear school uniform at all times.
  • Government guidance states that clothes worn in school should be washed at the end of every school day. Therefore, if you cannot wash the school uniform overnight, children can alternate between uniform and PE kits.
  • We appreciate that children may have grown out of their school shoes, so in that instance only, we permit trainers until the term ends in July.



  • School can provide all Key Worker children with a Free School meal which will be a packed lunch usually consisting of a sandwich, fruit and snack such as a biscuit or cake. 
  • Children can choose to bring their own packed lunch.


Year 1 and Reception Siblings

  • If you have 2 children in the Key Worker category and one of them is in Year 1 or Reception and due to return to education, you will need to pick up both children at the Key Worker end time of 3:00pm. Please speak to Miss Halion about arrangements for this.
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