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WALT compare the pulse of different songs

In school we teach a lesson called PSHE, this stands for 'Personal, Social and Health Education' in this session we discuss lots of different topics thinking about ways the children can be happy, safe and healthy. 

Today we would like you to read the story 'Hands are not for hitting' (PDF below)

After you have read this story together talk about all the good things your hands can do eg painting, playing, washing, digging. The children can draw around their hand and draw things that they like to do with their hands. 

Monday -area of learning: technology

The children have been using the app 'Clicker paint' to practise painting pictures and making marks. Have a go at painting a picture of the park from our story 'The Disgusting Sandwich' either on a laptop or Ipad using a paint application.



Today we are learning about the seasons. The seasons are WINTERSPRINGSUMMER and AUTUMN.

These seasons happen every year. Watch the video clip to learn about our seasons. Then, have a look at the 'What Season Am I?' ppt, can you guess the season by just looking through the small peep-hole?


Now, it is AUTUMN. There are lots of things around us that tell us that it is Autumn now. For example, when I go for a walk with my dog, I now need to wear my raincoat. I sometimes need to wear my headband to stop the wind from making my ears ache! What do you wear in Autumn? Could you go on an Autumn walk? What can you find?


Here are some things that I found on my walk:   Acorns and their shells                 Conker

       Horse chestnuts (and their spikey shells)         Mushrooms                           Autumn leaves

Can you describe the things you have found (e.g. I found spikey shells)

Did you spot the ladybird in one of my pictures?


You could gather all your autumn treasures together and use them to help you practise your counting.



Seasons Guessing Game

Writing numbers 1-5

Can you practise writing numbers 1-5? You could write them in sand, use paint to finger-print or use chalk outside on the pavement.

Take a look at the number formation game below.

Writing your name


We are working really hard at school to make sure all the children recognise their name and can write it. 

Below are some ideas that can help your child write their name.

Please practise this at home. 

Wednesday 7th October

Area of learning: physical development

Our topic this term is based around the story of 'The Disgusting Sandwich'. Watch the video of the story then have a go at creating a park using building blocks, lego or any other construction material you have. You could use some egg cartons or other bits of materials you have in the house. 

Think about things you would find in a park. 

The Disgusting Sandwich

Tuesday 6th October

Can you grab some of your toys from around your house then have a go at sorting them?

You might be able to sort them by their colour, or by their shape. Maybe you could sort them by their size or maybe a feature like whether it has wheels.

Don't forget to send us your hard work via tapestry or in an email.

look forward to seeing you on zoom!!                                                         


Monday 12th October 


We are beginning to look at patterns this week and creating patterns using a range of objects. We have attached a couple of activities that you can complete at home. We have attached one activity that needs to be printed however if you cannot access a printer do not worry as we have found a snake activity which we would like you to have a go at using your toys and objects in your home. 

Don't forget to upload a picture to tapestry or send one to the learning unit email address so that we can see all your hard work. 

Wednesday 7th October WALT sort objects

Today's home challenge is to find some objects to sort and then talk to a grown up about how you have sorted them. Here are some ideas to get you going.

In phonics this term, the children have been tuning their ears to sounds in their environment. Click on the link and have a go at finding objects around the home that begin with the following sounds: S-A-T-P-I-N.

If you would like to feel free to upload your findings onto the LU email address or upload them directly onto Tapestry. Thank you.

Wednesday 7th October Key area of learning: understanding the world

This term we have been learning about our environment and what things we can see in our world. 

Today's activity is to draw a picture with a mountain a river and a farm in it. Get the children to talk about some of the features of these things. Ask questions like: What do mountains look like? What lives in a river? What animals can you see in a farm?


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