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Religious Festivals Quiz

Christians, Hindus, Muslims, Buddhists and all of the other religions across our planet have special days and festivals in their calendar. Can you complete the Quiz below using your own research? Can you create an information poster about a religious festival of your choice?


Question 1: On what day is the Islamic 'Day of Assembly' celebrated every week?
Question 2: Whose birthday is celebrated during 'Visakah Puja' celebrations?
Question 3: How many days after Easter does 'Ascension Day' fall?
Question 4: On what day does the Hindu 'Pongal' celebrations take place?
Question 5: When does the Jewish 'Shabbat' begin?
Question 6: Which is the seventh day for 'Seventh-Day Adventists'?
Question 7: Why is the the Wednesday before Easter known as 'Spy Wednesday'?
Question 8: For how many days does the Hindu festival 'Diwali' last?
Question 9: What are 'Gurpurabs'?
Question 10: Which event does the Buddhist holiday 'Bodhi Day' commemorate?

How does Jesus inspire others?


In RE this half term we have been finding out answers to this question. We have learnt about how different cultures view Jesus and about his miracles.


Stained Glass Windows


Lots of churches have stain glass windows. However, there used to be a lot more! Only a small number of stained glass windows have survived from the Medieval era when the idea of decorating windows using coloured glass was brought over from Europe. The beautiful glass work not only enhanced the beauty of the church but also showed stories and symbols from Christianity. This was very important as lots of people couldn’t read and some wouldn’t have understood the services that were taken in Latin!



These pictures are of stain glass windows from St Peter’s church, Ipsley.


Can you see the stories that are being told? The symbols that are being used? Can you work out which is the newest stain glass window? It was made by an artist called Tom Denny in 2008. See if you can find out more about this window or other windows he has designed. It might help you with your task below.



You have been asked by St Peter's, Ipsley to design a new stained glass window, which celebrates the life and teachings of Jesus or the festival of Easter. Your design needs to be eye-catching, inspiring and informative and show the importance of Jesus for Christians today. It should use a saying or a Bible verse as its title (give pupils a choice). You then need to write an explanation of why your design is a good one (less than 100 words).

The Bible


The Bible is the Christian’s special book. It helps them learn about God and his message. There are lots of stories about Jesus in the New Testament but the Old Testament also talks about Jesus, hundreds of years before he was born. Next week I am setting you a task based on all the RE below so this week you might want to have a look at all the other tasks – just in case you missed one.




For a bit of fun this week, I thought we could learn how to find Bible verses. The Bible is made up of 66 books written by lots of different people and split into the Old and New Testament. Some books tell us about the Law (Numbers), some are songs and poetry (Psalms) some are letters (Galatians) and some are very good stories (try Esther for a beauty competition, trickery and tension!).


Have a listen to the song below to learn some of the books of the Bible. 

There's also a quiz to see what you've remembered!


Each book is split into numbered chapters and each chapter is split into numbered verses. So to find a story, you need the find the book, then the chapter and then the verses.

The extract below is from the book of Matthew, Chapter 7.


Which verses contain the Christians Golden rule?

Which verses tell the parable of the wise man and the foolish man?

Can you find this story in the book of Luke, Chapter 6 verses 46-49?


Here are some other well-known Bible verses to look up. If you don’t have a Bible don’t worry there’s another activities to complete below instead.

  • Psalm 23 verse 1
  • John 3 verse 16
  • Jeremiah 29 verse 11
  • 1 Corinthians 13 verses 4-8
  • Exodus 20 verses 1-21


Below are some Bible verses colouring pages. If you can't download the documents Google search Bible verses to colour and see if you can find one you like. Proverbs is great for interesting verses. If you can't use a printer, pick one of the verses (or have a look at the memory verses document) and decorate yourself!


Or.... you could try learning some Bible verses. Below is a document of 52 Bible Verses. See how many you can remember!


Who did Jesus say he was?


In the Bible, Jesus said that he was many things:

Bread, light, a shepherd, a signpost, an empty grave, a vine and a gate.

Why do you think Jesus said he was these things?

What does each objects/ person do?

Why chose these items?



Try to symbolise yourself.

“If I was an animal, a car, a colour, an item of clothing, a kind of food, a place anywhere on earth, I‟d be… because…”

Which items would you choose and why?


Write your name or draw a picture of yourself in the middle of a page and draw up to 7 items around you. Why have you chosen them? What do they say about you?


Holy Week

The last week of Lent is known as Holy Week. It is when Christians remember the last week of Jesus' life and is the most important time in the Christian year. There are many church services and processions.


Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday marks the start of Holy Week. Palm Sunday is this Sunday 5th April.  It reminds Christians of the journey Jesus made into Jerusalem, on a donkey, to celebrate the Jewish festival of Passover (Pesach). Jesus chose a donkey to show that he had come in peace. Many people welcomed Jesus by shouting, waving palm branches and throwing branches down in the path of the donkey. They hoped that Jesus was the Saviour who the Bible had promised.





Palm Sunday is both a happy and sad day. Christians are happy because they are singing praises to Jesus but also sad because they know Jesus died less than a week after his arrival in Jerusalem.

In churches on Palm Sunday Christians are given small palm crosses made from palm leaves. Left over palm crosses are kept for a special church service on the first day of Lent, the following year, when they are burnt (Ash Wednesday). This ash is put on people's foreheads.

(Top Marks website)


  • What would you do if you were King or Queen for the day?
  • Make a list of rules you would make or activities you would do.
  • Where would you like to visit as a King or Queen?
  • How would you arrive and what kind of welcome would you expect?
  • What kind of King or Queen would you be? A kind one? A brave one? A mean one?


When Jesus died a sign saying 'King of the Jews' was put over his head and on Palm Sunday he was welcomed as a king. How was his journey into Jerusalem different to your idea of a being a King or Queen?



See if you can make a palm cross out a piece of paper.


There is also a video tutorial below. 

Have a palm leaf race! 

Make into or just use paper as palm leaves.

Each person has 2 only. Work out where your start and finish line is. 

You must get from the start to the finish line only using the palm leaves! 


If there are 4 or more players, you could make teams. think about how leaves you would have for each team!

Jesus loved to tell parables - stories with meanings - to people to teach them about God. Most people who listened to Jesus wouldn't be able to read or write, so listening to stories helped them remember what he said. Jesus would tell stories about topics they understood; farming, loosing sheep or being hurt by robbers whilst travelling! 


This story is about building. The passage below is from the Bible. Below are two videos to watch. The first doesn't have any words, the second retells the story as in the Bible.



Your task, is to build a structure that won't fall down. 

You could make the task harder by making your structure 

have to hold something, like a book... or an egg!

You could use:

  • rolled up newspaper and tape,
  • spaghetti and marshmallows (if you have any!),
  • straws, lolly pop sticks,
  • lego, duplo or kinex.


Now try putting it on a table and wobbling the table.

Will it fall down? 

We'd love to see some of your structures in action. 

Send us some photos to


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