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Over the past two week we have taught the children 6 sounds these are:

s     a     t     p     i     n 

Today we will use these sounds to play a game of 'Eye Spy'.

Can you find things around your house that start with the sounds above. You can use the sheet below to draw what you have found or sort things into groups of the sound that they start with. 

Remember, you can send us a picture of your work to reception@matchborough.worcs.sch.or upload onto Tapestry

Eye Spy

Tuesday 6th October 


Following on from our zoom activities we have this sheet here for you to have a go at. If you can't access a printer to print this off don't worry :) You can draw your own picture for each of the S,A,T,P,I,N sounds and have a go at writing each initial (the first sound you hear) sound down underneath. 

                                                  Wednesday 7th October


Today in our zoom lesson we practised blending sounds to read words using the letters 

 s a t p i  n. Your challenge for today is to see how many real 1,2 and 3 letter words you can make and read using these letters. Remember to push the sounds together to read the words. Here is a clue - you will need 2 'p' cards to make one word. Also the word 'I' doesn't count as the letter 'i' is making a different sound in that word. We have made 20 words with our letter cards! How many can you make? There are some cards attached below or you can easily make your own. Perhaps you can share your ideas on tapestry?                                                                                                                

s a t p i n cards

Thursday 8th October

Today, we have carried on practising our blending skills using the letters s, a, t, p, i and n.

We looked at words and matched them to the correct picture. Can you match the words to the pictures in the sheet below? Can you have a go at writing some of the words yourself?


Friday 9th October


Today in our zoom lesson we have learned how to segment (hear each sound) a word to spell it. 


Tips to spelling:

  • Say the word
  • Say the word slowly
  • Count on your fingers the amount of sounds you can hear
  • Write the sounds you can hear 


Look at the pictures, say what they are, say the word slowly and listen for the sounds.

Can you spell the words? 

Monday 12th October 


Today we are looking at the letter 'm' and introducing its sound in our zoom lesson.  We would like you to have a go at this activity to identify the objects beginning with 'm' and see if you can write any of the words after. Can you go on a hunt and find all the things in your house that begin with the letter m? 

                                              Tuesday 13th October

In today's zoom lesson we practised blending to read and segmenting to spell using the letters and sounds we have have learnt so far - s a t p i n  m. Now we have introduced the letter 'm' there are a few more words we can read and spell.

Let's practise our blending to read

Look at these words (or get a grown up to write them down for you). Can you use your letter cards to copy the words, then push the sounds together to read them? You could then draw a picture of the word to show your understanding.


       map       mat     man     pan    sam


Let's practise segmenting to spell

Look at each picture, say the word slowly listening to all of the sounds. Then use your hands as you say each sound in the word, putting up one finger for each sound and pointing with a finger from your other hand. Now write each sound you can hear in the word. Remember to write them in the correct order. You can blend to read the word to check you have all the sounds that you need.









Wednesday 14th October


Today in our zoom lesson, we have been learning some 'Tricky Words' - words that we can't sound out using our phonics skills and need to just remember!

The words we learnt were:

the      I        no       go       to        into

Can you say these words to your grown up? 


Here are some activities that you could use to practise reading these tricky words:

Hide the words around the house and go on a 'Tricky Word Hunt'

Write the letters onto post-it notes or small pieces of paper and jumble them up - can they put them back together?

Say a tricky word and ask your child to find and cut out letters from magazines to build the words (this is good for their fine motor skills too!)

Choose a story book and see how many times you can spot the tricky words.

Watch the Tricky Word Song on Youtube using the link below:



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