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We want you to get active for today's phonics lesson!

Have a go at playing some of these phonics games to get you moving around! 


Letter Islands - A super silly jumping letters game!

1. Scatter cushions on the floor around a room. These are your islands!
2. One separate pieces of paper, write big, individual letters or digraphs e.g. s, a, t, p / ch, sh, ng. Pop a letter on each cushion.
3. Shout out words beginning with the letters or sounds (e.g. pig), and run to the ‘island’ with that letter/digraph.


Acting Letter Sounds

Try acting out the different letter sounds! Can you ssslither like a sssnake? Or p-p-pop a bubble? Or b-b-bounce like a b-b-ball?


Rhyming Relay 

Write out a set of rhyming words on little bits of paper. Pop them into a bucket and put them at the finishing line. The aim is to run, skip or hop to collect each rhyming word one at a time from the bucket and bring them back to the start to ‘read and rhyme’. Once the words have all been collected, write your own nonsense rhyming words.



Chalk out a phonics hopscotch with single sounds and digraph to call out as you hop and jump along.



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