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Starter - before the zoom

Can you go on a hunt around your house and find things that start with the letters in your name. E.g. 

M- money

i- ink


s- sock

P- pillow

e- egg

l- lolly

l- lemonade

i- ice cream

n - nail polish

g- galaxy hot chocolate


have a go and see what things spell your name! 


Starter- before the zoom 


Can you practice your number formation making sure that the numbers are all facing the right way! 

After the zoom! 


Below are some activities that we would like you to complete following on from our phonics session on zoom. 


Can you draw a picture to go with this sentence? 


Below is an attached document for you to have a go at finding the correct word for the picture. 




Have a listen to the song below! 

Can you write your own number cards using your amazing number formation that you practised earlier. 

Can you put them in order but go backwards so 10 is at the start? 

Can you find an amount for each number? E.G. 10 spoons, 9 socks etc. 


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We are off to France! 


We have hopped on the magic carpet and made our way from China to France! 

Here is a map of France! Have any of you been to France before on a holiday? How did you get there? 

What would you like to know about France?  Have a think and send us your questions! 



This is the Flag of France - Can you see how it is different to our flag? 


Below is a clip of Barnaby Bears visit to Brittany which is in France - Can you see it on the map? 

Becky And Barnaby Bear Barnaby Bear Goes To Brittany

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Have a listen to this story!  Where does he go?
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