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Over the next 3 weeks in English, we are learning about fables and we are going to write our own.


A fable is a short story that features animals and plants which are personified (given human characteristics). A fable always ends with a 'moral' which teaches the reader a lesson.



Today, you will be annotating the fable below.

This means making notes around it explaining what different parts mean.


For example:



Predict the ending. 

To predict means guess what you think will happen at the end of the fable. 





In P.E. this term we will be learning about a sport called Boccia. This is a game that is played in the Paralympics and can be played standing, sitting, kneeling, lying - in fact any position you are most comfortable. Click on the picture below to understand the rules of the game.



As you will be having a go of this at home we are going to make a few changes. 


What you will need:

A ball, rolled up sock, or scrunched up bit of paper.

Something to aim for - this could be a door, a chair leg, a book, a piece of paper - anything that won't move.


What you need to do:

Have a go at rolling (not throwing) your ball (sock or paper) towards your target. Make sure you are standing a certain distance away. 

Now try different positions - standing, sitting, kneeling, lying - which position do you find more comfortable? Which position are you able to get closer to your target?


If you find this easy make the distance between yourself and your target further away!




How Boccia is played at the Paralypics

Watch athletes play Boccia.


This week you will be learning about hobbies and days of the week in French with Madame Jack.

Click on the link below and then click the video 'French Y3'. 



You will only need a pencil and a piece of paper for this lesson.



This week we will continue looking at fractions.

Today we will be concentrating on thirds. 



We write this as  and show it as something that has been divided into 3 EQUAL PARTS.





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