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Can you write a list of all the words you can think of with 'qu' in? 



Can you find something that is taller than you? 

Can you find something that is shorter than you? 


Following on from our zoom session we would like you to look at the images below and following on from one of the floppy’s phonics activities we would like you to unscramble the letters to create the words. 



qu d i l i 


ck  qu  a 


l  qu t i 

d qu s i 


Today we have set you this challenge....

We can't wait to see your results... can you send us a picture on tapestry or



Today we are thinking about things that are waterproof! If you were a superhero and had a super boat we need a good boat that is made of waterproof things so we don't get wet!

Can you use your junk modelling skills to create a good waterproof boat? 

What materials the best?

Did you find any material that didn't work?   




Can you have a go at some of the kids bop dance along's below for our PE lesson. 

What dance is your favourite? 

KIDZ BOP Kids - Best Time Ever (Dance Along) [KIDZ BOP 35]

Get movin' with Indigo, Julianna, Freddy & Cooper to "Best Time Ever" from KIDZ BOP 35! Then, tell us how YOU stay active in the comments! 💿"KIDZ BOP 2021" ...

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