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Happy Monday

It's the 1st February, a new month ahead of us. 


Let's warm our bodies up, remember if you body is warm your brain will be warm too. 


Go Noodle will wake us up!



Now our bodies are warm let's warm up our Phonics brain. 

Set a 5 minute timer. How many words can you make using the sounds below? 


Today we are going to learn a new sound 


Let's sing the Jolly Phonics 'zz' song.

That's right, it's the same song and action as the 'z'. But remember 'z' can be found at the beginning of words, as the initial sound, but 'zz' can only be found in the middle and at the end of words. 

Let's watch a video that introduces 'zz'. 

Today we are going to see if we can sort words with the sound 'z' and words with the sound 'zz'. 

You can draw the table and draw the correct pictures when you have sorted them or if you have a printer the pictures and table can be printed below. 



Let's start to think about our numbers with a counting song. 

5 Little Men in a Flying Saucer

We have been looking at the number 6,7,8. Today we want you to play a matching game to see how quickly you can identify the numbers.

Make your own matching cards like the ones below and the play with someone at home. Turn over two cards, do they show the same amount? 

If you have a printer we have a template to print below, if not you can draw your own. 


People who help us


This week we are going to be looking at Superheroes.

Remember superheroes don't have to wear capes! We think you are all superheroes for working so hard at home. We think your adults at home are superheroes too as they are juggling lots of things to make you happy and safe at home. 


Today we would like you to image you turned into a Superhero.

What would your name be and what special superpower would you have? 

Mine would be .....

My superpower would be.....

Making lunch and dinner for my family in 10 seconds fast!

Remember to email us your work at or upload it to your Tapestry account. 

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