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WALA growth and fixed mindset

We like to start each PSHE lesson with ‘Calm me’ time. This is to allow you to clear your mind ready to learn. 

Click this link to help wind down your body and brain with some yoga:


Today we are going to watch some clips of some children at school.


We want you to think about how their mindset effects the decisions they make and how they feel.


Good mistakes

Click the picture

After watching this video, think about how you could use this growth mindset at school.

Why do you think it is good to make mistakes?


Challenge yourself

Click the picture

How was the character mindset was effecting their mood and choices?
Why was it important to not have a fixed mindset? 



How to develop a positive mindset

Click the picture 


How can you change your mindset? 

Will you try to have a growth mindset and believe in yourself to be the best you can be.


Try these methods to help yourself develop a Growth Mindset


Click the picture to watch the short film... think about what her mindset is at the different stages of the film.

Would the little boy have got home if the girl didn’t change her mindset and believe in herself?


WALT use equivalent fractions

Zoom 2

Now we know what an equivalent fraction is, we are now going to start identifying equivalences.



Mindfulness Activity

Make a board game and play it with your family.

This does not need to be tricky or you can play a game you already have at home.

Draw some squares on a piece of paper and add some activites on different steps: make a funny face, sing your favourite song in a silly voice, spin around while hopping. Make it silly and have a giggle. Enjoy!


WALT write an introduction

Zoom 1

This week will be writing a non-chronological report about the Vikings. First we need to know how to write an effective introductory paragraph. Read the examples below. What do you like? Why are they effective? Magpie anything that you like.



Now read the introduction below....



YAWN! Boring huh! We can improve it using the blue devices above. Take a look at the WAGOLL below (What A Good One Looks Like). Look how the features have been used.

Your task: Write your introductory paragraph for your non-chronological report ready for Thursday.



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