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Early Bird Morning Spellings

Select your colour and complete your pyramid spellings today.

Can you use them in a sentence?


Reading WALT: answer questions about a text.

Today's lesson is a reading lesson where you will be practising your reading and answering questions about the text. Remember you can read around the text to help you read tricky words, you can use your phonics to help sound out words and you can use highlighters or pencils to pick out key information. 

Most of the answers will be found in the text!


Top Tips

Read through the whole of the text first to get an overview of what it is about.

Read the question and understand what it is asking for.

Re-read / scan read parts of the text to find the section you need.

Find your answer and highlight it.

Go back to the question and answer it referring back to the section of the text you highlighted.


Note for parents/carers

The text is differentiated 3 ways on the PDF.

The questions have stars in a circle in the bottom right corner to show levels of difficulty.

1 star easier

2 stars more difficult

3 stars most difficult


Too Tricky?...

This option has limited reading.

Fluent in 5



WALT: make doubles.

Today's lesson will explore doubling a number by thinking 'same number again, same number again'. We will use our knowledge of repeated addition and add the same number twice and see the link with multiplying a number by 2. At year 2 level, children double numbers up to 20.


Spr2.2.2 - Make doubles

Your Task

Teach it

You can see 3 numbers shown on 3 sides of the dice.

You must double all of the numbers.


For example if you can see 5, 2 and 6 on one die you will write:

double 5 = 10

double 2 = 4

double 6 = 12


Progress through the challenges but remember you do not have to do all of them!

Teach it is practising

Twist it is changing something to do it in a different way

Deepen it is looking at it at a harder level

Deepen it Further is your purple for push


Too Tricky?...

Double the numbers but you can use pictures to help you.



It is important for you to get your exercise.

Why not do some Joe Wicks workouts?


Below is a gymnastics activity card that you can do at home.


Watch the video and have a go at reading and practising a sound.

Click on the link and scroll down to a list of sounds. Choose a video and follow it to learn the sound.

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