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Monday 11th January

Welcome to Week 2 of Home Learning.

We hope you enjoyed your weekend. Below is all the work you can to do today.

Remember little and often is better than children sitting for a long time and loosing concentration. 


Lets warm up those brains with some quick fire activities. 




(We would recommend you do this activity after your Zoom lesson.)

Today we have learned about the letter 'v'. Can you say the phoneme 'v'?


Watch the video below to remind you.


Practise writing 'v'

Today we would like to see if you can hear the phoneme 'v' at the start of a word, we call this the initial sound. 

Below are some pictures.

Can you sort the pictures into words that begin with 'v' and words that don't being with 'v'?

Say them aloud, listen to the first sound you can hear in the word. Tell your adult if it is a 'v' or if it isn't a 'v'. 

We have also included these pictures as a document if you do have access to a printer. If not saying them is just as effective (you could film your child doing this and send it to us.)



v pictures to sort


Lets warm our brains by counting to 10. Click on the image below and it will take you to the song.



Today we are going to look at the number 5 and how we make the number 5. 


Start off by holding your hand up, you have 5 fingers up. Now put 1 down, how many have you still got up? You should have 4 up, so that shows us that 5 is made up of 4 and 1. 

Let's investigate what other numbers 5 can be made from. 


Draw a ladybird. 

The ladybird needs 5 spots altogether. How many spots could he have on each wing? 


My example of this is:

                  4     1   makes 5

How many different ways can you make 5?

Keep drawing different ladybirds and splitting 5 spots between the two wings. 

If you would like a printed sheet to do this there is one below but this activity can be done by drawing the ladybirds. 





Our topic is still 'People who help us'. Last week we thought about adults in school.

This week we are going to focus on Police Officers and Fire Fighters. 


Talk with your adult about what you think Police Officers and Fire fighters do for their job and how they help us. 

We would like you to draw a picture of how you think a Police Officer and a Firefighter could help you, we will be learning about their jobs through the week. 

You could do this by acting out the way they could help you, we would love to see your acting skills. 




When we are in school we spend much of our time in 'COOL time' (continuing on our learning) this is the time where we learn through play.

We would like you to give your child the opportunity of playing when they are at home but we are going to be putting a focus on each week so when they are playing you can extend their play by incorporating these focusses. 

This weeks focus comes from the area of our curriculum -  'Managing feelings and behaviour' 

The focus is - 'Aware of the boundaries set, and of behavioural expectations'.

This means the children knows the rules, understands why we have them and can follow them.

We thought this would be a good one for the first week. You can sit with your child  and decide together the rules and boundaries that need to be followed while you are home schooling. It is a good idea to write these rules down and for you and your child to sign them showing that everyone understands the rules. Display them so everyone knows the rules you are following and then hopefully the children will follow the rules because they know them and they have made them. 





Each day this week we are going to put a PE challenge on, remember exercise and movement always helps our brain and keeps us happy. 

Today's challenge is a balancing challenge. You can click on the picture to watch a demonstration video. 

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