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Today we are looking at the caption section of our non-chronological report. A caption is a sentence that goes under the picture to explain what is in it. Have a go at writing captions for the pictures, you can find your own pictures too. If you don't want to print them out then you can have a go at drawing the pictures instead and writing the caption under it.


               Reading Comprehension

This week you are going to read about Tutankhamun, have a go at reading all the information first and then have a go at answering the questions, remember you can always read the text again or skim through it to find the answers to the questions.




This week you are continuing to create and develop your dance routine to the Ancient Egyptian music below. Remember to magpie moves you have learnt in previous lessons as well as creating your own. Make sure all moves flow from one to the next and are performed with confidence. 

Ancient Egyptian Music - Pharaoh Ramses II


Today we will be looking at bar charts. A bar chart is used to compare two or more values with a small set of results. It displays information (data) by using rectangular bars of different heights.
A bar chart has a vertical axis with numbers on it, and a horizontal axis showing values of something that has been investigated.



Click on the picture to watch a clip about bar charts.


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