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For the next two weeks we will be working towards writing our very own non-chronological report about Ancient Egypt!


Can you remember all of the features of a non-chronological report? Watch the video below for a reminder!

Non-chronological report

Can you find and label all the features of a non-chronological report in the non-chronological report shown below?


Remember you are looking for:

               - Title                                       - Sub-headings                       - Main information

               - Diagrams                                - Present tense                      - Third person

               - Pictures                                  - Captions                              - Fact box


Now we would like you to have a go at writing your own introduction for your non-chronological report.



When writing your introduction you do not need to go into lots of detail.

It needs to be short and snappy but interesting enough to grab your readers attention.

It should tell your reader briefly what your report will be about but not give too much away- you want them to read on. 


Once you have done it remember to keep it safe so you can use it to help you when you come to write the real thing. 


(There are no worksheets to print out for today's task, it can be done on paper)


Use the moves you have learnt from the last two P.E lessons to make up your own dance routine to the backing of this Ancient Egyptian music.

Ancient Egyptian Music - Pharaoh Ramses II

                     Reading Comprehension

Have a go at reading all the information about Howard Carter. You will find out who he is and what he is well known for! Then have a go at answering the questions, remember you can always read the text again or skim through it to find the answers to the questions.



We have learnt lots about money! In today's Maths lesson we will be learning about how to work out the change.


When we are trying to find out the change, we start off with the cost of the item and then we keep adding until we get to the amount we paid with. 




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