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Today we are going to be re-visiting inverted commas (speech marks) with a focus on the'new speaker, new line' rule.


Read the PowerPoint below to recap the rules and then complete the activity.



WALT investigate why Egyptians built Temples, Pyramids and Tombs



Click the pictures below to find out more!



            Tombs                                         Temples & Pyramids     


You can also carry out your own additional research to support your follow up activity

Your Activity


Choose either Temples, Tombs or Pyramids (or all three if you want to) and create a poster or fact file to display everything you have found out about them.



This is an additional activity, you do not have to complete this task.


If you fancy a real challenge, using things you already have at home, could you have a go at designing and creating your own temple or tomb?


It would be a good idea to make a plan by drawing your design and labelling it with what you are going to use to make it.


We would LOVE to see your finished projects so please take lots of photos and send them to us at the Year 3 email address:


This week we are learning all about MONEY!


Today we will be counting in pounds (£)





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