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Today we are going to be thinking about how the wolf is feeling in our story. 


Remember the class plan of how the wolf is a friendly character and how he is playing hide and seek with Grandma which is why he is in Grandma's bed!


Read each of the parts of the story on the graph and decide whether the wolf is happy, o.k. or feeling sad! Then draw a picture of the wolf to plot his feelings. Once you have done that write next to your drawing why you think he feels the way he does. 


Once you have completed the feelings graph see how many feelings words you can come up with, for example distraught, cheerful, brave.




As you have probably guessed, in History this term we are learning about Ancient Egypt. Click on the picture below to watch this clip which will give you some information about ancient Egypt and how Egyptians that lived at that time.


This week we will be learning about how important animals were to the Ancient Egyptians and how they worshipped them as gods.


Read the information on the first worksheet and then answer the questions about it. 


When you have completed the questions create your own animal god. Draw it and give it a name. You then need to decide what it will represent to those people who are worshipping it. 


This week we will be learning how to divide using long division. Once you have listened to today's zoom lesson you will be able to have a go at dividing using chunking on a number line.


Choose either good, amazing or awesome to complete - you do not have to do all of the questions. Good is a little bit easier and awesome is a bit trickier! 


Here is an example if you are finding a bit a bit tricky to remember the steps.








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