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Early Bird Morning Spellings

Select your colour and complete your pyramid spellings today.

Can you use them in a sentence?

This term we will be starting a new topic called Brrr... it's cold out there!


We had planned a lovely first day back for you where they would become explorers for the day. We were to discover Antarctica and the animals that live there. You could still try this at home by putting on your winter clothes, deciding what you would take on your journey. Find out interesting facts on the links below. 


WALT: Predict, Infer and question

Here is the front cover of our new book which we will be using for our English lessons.


When we start reading a new book, it is a great chance to make predictions. This could be what we think it might be about, what might happen and who the main characters are. It doesn't matter if you are incorrect but try to use clues to help you! This is called inference or inferring. For example, you might guess where the book is set because of the pictures and the characters you can see on the front cover. Can you guess where it is set?


Below are some questions for you to answer based on the front cover. Please don't cheat and read the book!!!




Where do you think the story is set? Why do you think that?


What might happen in the story?


What might the penguin want to find outWhy do you think that?


What do you want to find out?


What question do you have?


P4P: When is the story taking place?


P4P: How do you think the penguin feelsWhy do you think that?


Remember purple means purple for push and they are challenge questions. Often these are for you to explain yourself so it might say why you think something. For example, I might think that the book is set in ........ because I know that penguins live there and it is icy.





Fluent in 5


WALT: Multiply using the x symbol

Before Christmas, we learnt about repeated addition which is where you add the same number repeatedly, for example 2+2+2+2 = 8 or 5+5+5= 15. This is to help us to learn multiplication.


Today we are introducing the multiplication symbol. Some words we might use are multiplication, multiply, times or lots of. 


Here is some more information and some videos to explain further:


Your task

In Maths, the work is separated into task which become progressively more difficult. All children start with Teach it, then Twist it, then deepen it, then deepen it further. Please note your child may not complete all of these levels of challenge.


Teach it 1

For each picture, you need to write the multiplication sentence and the repeated addition number sentences. For example 3 x 6 = 18 and 6+6+6 = 18

The rest of the tasks explain what you need to do on the downloadable sheet below. It is not necessary to print it out, you could just write the answers on a piece of paper!



DT WALT: evaluate existing products

This term, we will be designing and creating a model vehicle which would be suitable to travel around the Antarctic. Today we will look at the features of existing vehicles. 


For example, a bus is tall and long with 4 wheels and lots of windows. It is suitable for carrying large amounts of people (as long as they are socially distanced cheeky). Do you think this would be suitable for travelling around on ice?


Task 1

Now take a look at the different forms of transport and match them up to their descriptions. After you have done that, choose 3 that you would like to look at in more detail. Fill in the table or draw your own and then decide which design would be most suitable for the icy conditions of the Antarctic.


Task 2

Do you have any toy transport in your house or near where you live? Can you take photos of them or draw them and think about their features. Which form of transport is your favourite and why?




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