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Monday 12.10.20

CLUE: He is our Year group author!

Remember humorous means funny.

Can you see any more examples? Highlight or write them down.



TASK 1 : Use the link the below and list openers or sentences that are humorous or interesting in the different extracts e.g.


Although Dad was now too fat to run after any robbers,


Sweating profusely,


Finally, after what seemed like days, weeks, even months of yanking,


How many can you find?


Use the link below (CLICK THE PICTURE) to take a look at some extracts from other stories. Write down any interesting or humorous openers or sentences that you can find. Click the blue writing to go to an extract from one of the stories.


TASK 2: Can you use a funny tone of voice when describing each of these events. Imagine these events have happened to you. Write humorous sentences to describe them. Don't forget to send us your sentences. We want some funny ones!




























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