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This week we will start to learn about doubles.

Double means twice as many, so two groups of the same number.


Watch the NumberBlocks Double Trouble Episode (Series 2)

Activity 1: Take it in turns to roll two dice. When you roll a double (both numbers on the dice are the same) you score a point. The winner is the first person to score 3 points. Extension: can you say the double that you have rolled?


E.g. Double 4 is 8. 


Activity 2: Find a selection of small items (this could be stones or leaves from the garden or pasta from the kitchen). Sit opposite a partner and lay out a number of your items (up to 10). You partner must double your quantity by making an equal group of their own. How many do you have altogether? What is the double?

Year 1:  

This week we are going to continue to make equal groups, but this time by sharing objects into those groups. So if I have 12 stickers to share between 3 friends. I don’t know how many stickers each friend will get until I have shared them out….

My friends get 4 each.

Now you have a go! You could share out toys with your family, or pasta between pans or Cheerios between bowls. Share anything!

Can you tell the story?

“12 stickers shared between 3 friends is 4 stickers each.”


Watch the film to help you with your learning.

Find Summer Term – Week 1 w/c 20 April

Lesson 3 Make equal groups (sharing)

Find the film and click play. There will be some revision questions first then the new learning about sharing.

After you have watched the film, try the activities. Click on Get the Activity.

Click on the link below to find the learning.

We are also going to practise finding half. Halving is the opposite of doubling. Rather than making 2 groups of the same number to double, we SHARE between two groups to half! Practise your sharing skills by finding half of amounts. You could collect objects from the garden and find half, or grab a handful of something small from the kitchen and find half (This could be grapes, blueberries, pasta, cereal!) Remember! Half is sharing between two.

Watch the video lesson and try the activity below:

Summer Term – Week 1 w/c 20 April Lesson 4 Finding Half.

Year 2:

Remember to check the mainstream Year 2 Maths page for your activities.

Year 3:

You have been working hard on learning your 3, 4 and 8 times tables.

Our new learning for this week is to use our times tables work to calculate related facts.

For example: If I know 3 x 4 = 12

Then I know that 30 x 4 = 120 as it is 4 groups of 3 tens.

Read through the PowerPoint ‘Multiplication Magic’ then have a go at the activities below.

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