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This week in Maths we will be learning about matching and sorting.


Today we will look at matching. You will need a pile of objects made up of identical pairs. These could be socks, wellington boots, toy animals, two pegs, two of anything really just so you have got a random collection.

Children are to match one object to it's identical partner eg matching two socks, matching two toy dogs etc. 


You could also try this, if you would like to

Button Match

Remember to send your pictures to or upload to Tapestry

Tuesday 6th October 


Today, following on from the zoom call can you extend your learning? Can you grab a selection of toys and find different ways of sorting them?Colour, size, shape, does it have wheels etc? Are there some that won't fit into the way you have decided to sort them? E.G. sort by red things - have you got any other colours that don't fit? 

Don't forget to send us pictures of your hard work via tapestry or the reception email! 


                                                               Wednesday 7th October

Today in our maths zoom lesson we learnt about sorting objects and pictures. We can sort things when we are given group names but we can also choose how to sort objects ourselves. You are using great thinking skills when you choose your own way to sort and you use really good language skills when you talk about how you have sorted objects. Today's home challenge is to find some objects to sort and then talk to a grown up about how you have sorted them. Here are some ideas to get you going!









Thursday 8th October 2020

Today, we have been thinking about comparing amounts and learnt a new word - 'equal'. We found out that equal means 'the same'. Have a look at the picture below: 


Can you find some objects so that you have an equal amount to the picture?

There is a sheet below for you to extend your learning - look at the picture at the top and circle all the groups that are equal to that picture.

Friday 9th October 


In our zoom lesson today we learned about comparing numbers, looking at more and fewer. 

Look at the cards below, remember to point to the object you are counting.


Monday 12th October 


We are beginning to look at patterns this week and creating patterns using a range of objects. We have a variety of activities to complete during our zoom call at 12.30 and have attached a couple of activities that you can complete at home. We have attached one activity that needs to be printed however if you cannot access a printer do not worry as we have found a snake activity which we would like you to have a go at using your toys and objects in your home. 

Don't forget to upload a picture to tapestry or send one to the reception email address so that we can see all your hard work. 


                        Tuesday 13th October

Today in our zoom lesson we continued our learning about repeating patterns. We thought about what might come next in patterns that we could see and made up our own patterns using knives and forks. To continue your learning at home perhaps you could find objects to make new repeating patterns. You could use natural objects, toys, cutlery, bowls and plates(as long as a grown up says yes!) anything!





There are some more lovely home ideas below.




Wednesday 14th October


Today we have been looking again at patterns and spotting the mistakes that have been made. 

Can you make a pattern using some objects in your house or garden but make a mistake for your grown up to spot? Can you spot a mistake in your grown up's pattern?

Don't forget to send us pictures of your learning - we love to see what you have been doing!


Extra Pattern Home Learning:

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