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Wednesday 6th January 

We would like you to spend 1 hour max completing these challenges today.

(Parents if the children require an extra challenge you can make number cards to 10 and extend them this way)

Today we are going to recap our previous learning looking at numbers 0-5. 

We would like you to make your own small flashcards with numbers 0 - 5 on them. Now you can either write the numbers yourselves or get a grown up to write them for you. 

When you have made these we would like you to do a range of activities:

Can you order them correctly? Can you name each number correctly? Can you show that many fingers/ draw that many cakes? 



Your next challenge is: 

Look at the number 5 - 

How many ways can you make that number e.g. 5+0

use your flashcards to make 5 using the different numbers. 



The final challenge we have is : 

using your flashcards can you find that many objects? e.g. number 1 - can you find 1 spoon, number 2 - can you find 2 socks ? 


Can you take a picture of your hard work and send it in via tapestry/ so we can see and respond to your hard work. 


We also have a new online learning resource called purple mash that has some maths activities and games on that you can explore 


Purple mash 


On purple mash can you go to mini mash. If you go to numbers and counting and select Number paint projects. Select any number 1 - 5 and complete. You can do this by drawing that many objects on the clipboard and paint the number. When you are done please save it into your tray so that your teachers can see your hard work. 

Thursday 7th January 

Today's activity should only take you 30 mins max. Please do not complete this activity before the zoom session. 


Today we would like you to grab  a bucket or a pot or draw a circle on the ground outside/ on some paper. Then we would like you to collect 5 things (socks paired together) that you do not mind throwing into the bucket/ circle you have made. 

Stand a grown ups big step away and see how many objects you can throw into your bucket.  If you find this easy you could go back a bit further! Remember to use your under arm throwing skills! 

Can you record your answers using your fantastic number formation skills? Whats the highest score you can get? 

If you have any siblings or if your grown up wants a go you could have a challenge between you to see who can throw the most in! 




Purple Mash 

There is also some activities on purple mash that we have pinned to the top of your mini mash page. Have a go at these and then save them in your tray! 

Friday 8th January 

Today we would like you to create your own 5 poster! 

Think of all the different ways you can show the number 5.

Dice, the number 5, the written word for 5, 5 objects etc. 

We cant wait to see your posters! 

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