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Lesson 2 Monday 12/10/20

WALT: Locate cities within the UK and identify physical and human features on a map.


TASK 1: Download the human and physical features cards of places in the UK at the bottom of this page and sort them into two piles PHYSICAL FEATURES and HUMAN FEATURES. Use the poster below to help you.

TASK 2: Watch the video below about the United Kingdom.

Download the UK map at the bottom of the page. Do the following to your map:

a) Label each country that makes up the UK

b) Label the Capital Cities

c) For each card draw an arrow to show where you would find it in the UK. Label it PHYSICAL or HUMAN and write where it is in the UK.

d) Label some of the UK's cities on the map e.g. Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow, Leeds, Newcastle, Liverpool, Sheffield, Bristol, Nottingham, Leicester, etc. 


Take a look at the example work that has been started below:

Fancy a challenge?

PFP 1 - Which are the second cities of the UK?

PFP 2 - Which are the major cities of the UK?

PFP 3 - Which are the large cities in the UK?

PFP 4 - Can you write a definition of what a city is?


Finding it tricky or don't have a printer? Research physical and human features in the UK. You could draw them and label where they are in the UK. You could use Google Earth to help you.

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