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Learning through play


Our learning this week will be based on the story 'Goldilocks and the three bears'. Some of the ideas are a little messy, we like messy play in Reception, but completely understand if they are not appropriate for home! 


Area of Learning: Physical Development  

Goldilocks broke the bears beds and chairs. Can you make them a new bed and chair using lego, building blocks or other construction materials? 


Area of Learning: Technology 

Use a paint programme on your Ipad to paint your favourite scene from the story.


Area of Learning: Phonics 

Hide items starting with s/a/t/p/i/n in porridge. Find the items and tell your adult what sound the object begins with. 


Area of Learning: Expressive art and design 

Use potatoes to create a representation of bear footprints.


Area of Learning: Physical development  

Children to draw Goldilocks and then thread yellow material/wool/ribbon through to make her hair.


Area of Learning: English

Mrs Bear needs to go shopping. Write her a list, thinking about the starting sound you can hear in words.   


Area of Learning: Maths

Thinking about big, medium and small. Find objects around your house that are big and small. 





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