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learning through play

Learning through Play


This week our focus is on Physical Development. As we prepare to go back to school next week (Yay!) We would like you to practice both your gross and fine motor skills! Gross motor skills is large movements and fine motor is all about tiny movements focused mainly on just your hands and fingers! We would also like you to work on some scissor skills - Please make sure you have a grownup around when you are practising these to help keep you safe! 



Gross Motor Activtity ideas! 


To help work on your gross motor skills we have attached some images below! You could create your own indoor or outdoor obstacle course, use an old pillow case to have a sack race, put a big piece of paper down and use large movements to create a picture, Put some masking tape across a doorway to create a sticky target and throw scrunched up paper balls at it. 




Fine motor skills


Below are some images to help you choose how to develop your fine motor skills leading to good pencil grip.




Scissor skills development 


Have a look at the pictures to find ways to practice your scissor skills. You could even cut pictures out of old magazines. 


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