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Learning through Play




In reception we spend some of our time in focused adult led lessons like phonics and maths but we also do a lot of our learning through play based activities. In school we call this our COOL time (Carrying On Our Learning). This play based learning can be additional Maths, English and Topic based activities but we also place a high priority on learning together, sharing, communication and language skills, developing our physical skills, both gross and fine motor as well as developing positive relationships with children and adults. We are sure that you do lots of these type of activities at home too and it is important to continue this learning while the children are spending time learning remotely. 

                                                        Wednesday 6th January

Focus: Making Relationships

Today your aim is to practise taking turns with someone else. This could be an adult or a brother or sister. You can choose the activity that you would like to use to practice your turn taking skills. You might want to play a board game, take turns throwing and catching a ball, do a puzzle together taking turns to fit a piece or make a cake, taking turns to add ingredients. It can be anything as long as you are taking turns! We would love to see and hear about your ideas.


Thursday 7th January 

Self confidence and self awareness


For today's activity we want you to think about you! Can you draw a picture of you and then around the outside draw or write what you are good at?  Can you fill the page with all the amazing things you can do! We know you'll be able to fill the page! 




Friday 8th January 


Please can you extend your learning from yesterday, and add to your poster. Can you add one or two things that you would like to get better at or learn to do throughout the year. 

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