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Wednesday 6th January 

This term the focus on Jigsaw is Dreams and Goals. 


Jigsaw Jenie would like to set you a challenge. 


Can you create a tower using anything you have at home? How can you make this harder? One example is spaghetti and marshmallows. You can use your toys/ fruit/ shoes etc? 


How do you feel when the tower stands up? How do you feel when the tower falls down? Discuss your feelings with a sibling or grown up

Below are the words for our Jigsaw song for this term. Can you have a listen and maybe learn some of the words! We know it is a hard song to sing.

Jigsaw song

Have a listen to our jigsaw song for this term :)

Thursday 7th January 

(Spend max 30 minutes completing this challenge)

Again thinking about our goals, today we want you to look at new years resolutions. These are goals or challenges that people set themselves at the start of the new year and they have to do them either by the end of the year or keep it up throughout the year. Maybe you still find putting your coat on and doing it up tricky, or you are learning to ride a bike or how to swim? 


Have a think of what you would like your goal to be by the end of the year, can you draw a picture and label it. Maybe write a sentence about why you have chosen that as your goal! 


Dont forget to send a picture in of your work to tapestry or the reception email address so that we can see your hard work and all the goals that we are setting. 


Friday 8th January 


Today we would like you to get outside! Go on a walk or play in the garden!

You might even be able to build a snowman!  

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