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Your zoom lessons will help you complete these questions. There are two sheets to complete today. Remember don't worry if you can't print these off, you can copy them out onto paper.



Our topic this term is Ancient Egyptians, we will be learning about the Egyptian Gods, animals, understanding why Egyptians built temples, tombs and pyramids. As well as exploring different religious festivals, understanding what Egyptians believed about death and how they buried their dead.



Today we want you to read through the power point about Egyptian Gods. The Ancient Egyptians believed in many Gods and they all represented different things.


Once you have read through the power point and found out about the Egyptian Gods, have a go at drawing the God Anubis using the video below to help you.

How to draw the Egyptian God Anubis.


We have been working really hard in Year 3 with our handwriting. Have a go at using the worksheet below to practise your spelling words or you can log on to letter join and use all the resources on there. Don't worry if you can't print this off, just practise your super handwriting using the spelling list for this week and then write a sentence including at least two of your spelling words.




Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar


Today we will be learning all about subordinate clauses. Once you have finished your zoom lesson you can complete this worksheet. If you haven't got two highlighters, don't worry, you can just underline the subordinate clause and the main clause using different coloured pencil crayons or felt tips. Don't worry about printing the work off, you can practise your handwriting by copying out the sentences and then underlining them.  Make sure you write your own sentences including a main clause, a conjunction and a subordinate clause.



Main and Subordinate Clause Song

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