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Good morning Year 3! blush


Ask your grown ups nicely if they will test you on this weeks spellings.

Remember, you must write the whole sentence, using the correct punctuation, and underline the spelling word.

Group 1 Spellings

1. I ate a ham sandwich. 

2. Wait for me!

3. Is it break time yet?

4. I go to bed at eight o'clock.

5. Can you grate the cheese please?

6. Press the brake to slow down. 

7. Home learning is great!

8. What is the weight of the potatoes?



9. centre

10. century


Group 2 Spellings

1. hang

2. thing

3. song

4. ring

5. string 


You can email your results to the Year 3 email address or write them in your Home Learning Diary to share with your teacher when we get back to school.

Next weeks spellings


Group 1                                   Group 2

can't                                          rain

don't                                          plain

he'll                                           snail

shouldn't                                   faint

couldn't                                     train



Bonus words                                         




Fluent in 5!



Teach it, Twist it, Deepen it

If you find this tricky...

In DT we have been learning about Bread. Use the sheet below to evaluate a piece of bread. 


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