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Today we will be thinking about feelings and how the characters feel throughout the fable 'The Boy Who Cried Wolf'. Watch and listen to the video below to remind you.


Your task today is to put the pictures of the characters during different parts of the fable onto the feeling's chart.


The chart starts off at the bottom with 0 which are unhappy feelings and gradually goes up to 10 which are more happy feelings.


Annotate the feelings around the pictures. 

For example:



Can you up level your words using an online thesaurus? Can you find better words for happy and sad? 


Once you have completed this, explain why you have put the character in that position on the feeling's chart. You could include what is happening in each picture for the character to feel that way.


For example:


You don't have to print this out, you can draw and write the feeling's chart and pictures onto a piece of paper instead.

The Boy Who Cried Wolf


Today we want you to go outside and collect some rocks or stones! Lots of different sizes, shapes and colours. We then want you to look very carefully at them - what can you see? How would you describe them?


We now want you to sort your rocks. You might sort them by shape, smallest to largest, colour, whether they have crystals, smooth and bumpy or just the ones you like and the ones you don't! See how many different ways you can sort your pile of rocks. Make sure you give reasons for why you have sorted your rocks the way you have.




Now can you find 


A smooth rock

A rock with 2 colours

A rock with 3 colours

A shiny rock

A bumpy rock

A beautiful rock.


Or rocks that look like these!

Now choose a rock - look very carefully at it. Can you draw and shade it. Notice all the bumps, the shape, the colours and holes. 



Today we will be learning about non-unit fractions.


A non-unit fraction is a fraction that has a numerator greater than 1. 


For example



unit and non unit fractions


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