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Day 2021

Please see the previous Year 2 page for details of discussions and activities with a focus on being active and keeping healthy!

An End of Term Assembly from Mrs Harris!

Early Bird Morning Spellings

Select your colour and complete your sheet today.

Can you use them in a sentence?


Today is QUIZ day so at some point why not ask a grown up to read your spellings out and you see if you can spell them? 

Fluent in 5 


WALT: Draw 2-D shapes.

You will have a go at drawing 2d shapes today. You will need to try and remember their names and their features...

How many sides do they have?

How many vertices?


Remember to use a ruler correctly to draw straight lines!




Spr2.7.5 - Draw 2D shapes

A bit of extra fun...


Reading WALT: read for pleasure.

For today's lesson we would like you to sit down and enjoy a book.

Share it with a member of your family. TALK about the book!



Remember you have your BugClub that you could use!



Done your reading and fancy something extra?!...

Extra Task 

  • Read The Beast from the Deep Abyss.
  • Write down five things you are told about the monster’s appearance.
  • On a piece of paper, draw your own monster.
  • Add ‘monstrous’ labels to the picture to describe your creature’s body.
  • Write a sentence saying where your monster lives.
  • Write another sentence saying what it does


Challenge: Read The Secret Monster. Write a sentence saying which would you rather meet, this ‘secret monster’ or the beast from the deep abyss? Explain your answer using the word because.


WALT: create and manipulate a Word document. 

Remember you are focusing on publishing  this half term and improving the speed and accuracy of your typing skills. You are also producing a Microsoft Word non-chronological report.

You should be using Safesearch Kids to research about Different types of Penguins


*Safesearch is a search engine suitable for youngsters and can be accessed via the link below.


This week's task is to complete your report using Microsoft Word.


You are going to carry on inserting text boxes and filling them with grouped information. 

Have a play at editing the text by changing the font, size and colour of your typing.

Drag and resize your text box around the page to place it in the most effective position.


Insert pictures and make your report look appealing. Don't forget to add mini text boxes underneath the pictures for your captions!



This is a caption explaining the picture: This shows the heights of different penguins.



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