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Reading Task

SCIENCE WALT: explain the properties of solids, liquids and gases

This week in Science we are going to think in greater detail about the properties of solids, liquids and gases.


States of Matter: Solids, Liquids, and Gasses

Watch this video about the properties of states of matter.

Draw this table out on a piece of paper:

Now, can you write each of these statements under the correct headings (You might want to watch the video again to help you)


Can you add some examples of solids, liquids and gases to your chart?


MATHS WALT: fractions of amounts


Today we will begin to calculate fractions of amounts. YOU WILL BE ABLE TO APPLY YOUR KNOWN MULTIPLICATION FACTS  to help you.

Look at the problem below:

To solve this problem, what we need to recognise is the AMOUNT of objects (in this case, CARS). We now that Eva has 12 cars. (THAT IS THE AMOUNT)


To solve this problem, we will divide the AMOUNT by the DENOMINATOR, which in this case is 4.


Sometimes the problem may be set out in a different manner and we will need to use the opposite operation SO instead of dividing we may need to multiply. Look at this problem below:

We know the answer to this problem is 23. So the missing number has to be GREATER THAN 23 because 23 is worth 1/3 of the TOTAL amount.


So to solve this we would need to do the opposite - we would need to multiply 23 x 3 because 3 is the DENOMINATOR.

23 X 3 = 69

SO 1/3 OF 69 = 23


English SPaG WALT: identify direct speech in a text

Zoom 1

What is direct speech?

Click the picture below to watch a video to find out more about speech marks.


Task: With the extract below, use two different colours to highlight the different characters' direct speech. Add in the speech marks to go around the words spoken.

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