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Happy Friday

Last day of learning this week!

You have worked really hard this week, we are so proud of you all.

Thank you adults for helping and sending your work to us, you are doing an AMAZING job. 

Let's warm up our bodies and brains.



Let's play eye spy..


Yesterday we learned a new sound, the digraph


Can you remember any words with 'qu' in?


Today we would like you to read the phrases below and then draw a picture of what you have read.


We would love to see your pictures, remember to email them to us at or upload them onto Tapestry. 




Let's get counting 


We have been working really hard this week counting two amounts altogether. 

Have a go at 'Grab and Add' to practise this. 

Put a pile of items in front of you, pasta works really well.

Use both hands and grab an amount with both hands.

Count how many you have in each hand. How many is this altogether? 



Today we are going to be looking at counting on. 

Start at a number and count on from that number. 

Have a look at the game below. Can you play this game with an adult and practise counting on. 



Thank you for helping Mr Rimmer! With your wonderful inventions you managed to help Mr Rimmer escape BUT the super villain managed to escape!

We need WANTED posters.

We can put them up to show other people who the Evil Villain is so they don't get trapped too. 

A WANTED poster needs to have a picture of the Evil Villain on and also a description of what he/she looks like. 

Just like this one. 

We would love to see your WANTED posters, email them to us on or upload them to Tapestry. 


Welcome to our school website!