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Early Bird Morning Spellings

Select your colour and complete your sheet today.

Can you use them in a sentence?


Today is QUIZ day so at some point why not ask a grown up to read your spellings out and you see if you can spell them? 


SPaG WALT: use the soft 'c' sound.

The /s/ sound can be spelt with a 's' and 'ss' but the /s/ sound can also be made with a 'c'. if it comes before the vowels e, i and y.






Your Task

You are going to learn to spell some soft 'c' words today by repetition.

Did you know if you write a word down correctly 37 times, it will stick in your brain?

Use the following method to learn the spellings:




Complete the word search as a bit of fun. It will practise both your reading and your spelling!



Too Tricky?... Sort the pictures/words into the soft 'c' sound or the hard 'c' sound.

Fluent in 5


WALT: interpret pictograms.

It is an important skill to be able to use one-to-one correspondence to help interpret and answer questions about the data presented in pictograms. The children are to answer basic questions relating to the data shown. They will use language such as:


Key vocabulary

most (largest)

least (smallest)

altogether (total - adding)

more (subtracting)

difference (subtracting)





Spr2.5.5 Interpret pictograms (1-1)

Too Tricky?!... complete pictogram and answer simple questions


PSHE WALT: work towards achieving a goal.

At the beginning of every PSHE lesson we follow Jigsaw Jo and calm our minds so they are ready for learning. Sit back and relax, calming yourself. Can you do some meditative yoga and breathing exercises?



Dreams and Goals song

Have a listen to the song, can you learn the words and sing along?

As you look at the gardens below, have a think...


Which one is your favourite? Why?

Close your eyes and imagine you are visiting your own garden of dreams and goals

This is a safe and happy place.

What are the colours you can see?

Tell me about the plants, the birds, the creatures...


Your Task

We would like you to make your own imaginary birds for 'A Garden of Dreams and Goals'. 

Think about the colours, shapes and materials you could use. Use your imagination and create your model by junk modelling with resources found around the house like: coat hangers, tin foil, milk bottle tops, toilet rolls etc, 

Remember the garden is a happy and safe place so there is nothing scary in it!



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