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Healthy Heart Day!

Take a look at our main page for lots of excting Healthy Heart Day activities and get those hearts pumping!

Mrs Harris has done a special assembly for us. Please take a look by clicking the PowerPoint below.



WALT use ‘shun’ sound spelt ‘ssion’ and ‘cian’

Zoom 1

You have 60 seconds to write down as many words ending in -ssion and -cian. Click the picture below for the Countdown timer.


Use these rules when spelling words ending in -ssion or -cian:


Practise spelling these words below:


Task 1: Using the words in the document below, create a table with two columns and sort the words depending if they end in -ssion or -cian.



Task 2: Find the dictionary definition of at least 5 words. You can use a dictionary or the Internet.

Task 3: Use a least 5 of the words in 5 sentences.


The musician was a very talented singer.


PFP - Design a spelling rule poster to help you remember the rules for spelling words ending in -ssion and -cian.




Draw a picture of the best dessert you can possibly imagine.




WALT find fractions greater than 1

Zoom 2

Today we will again be applying of knowledge of multiplication and division facts to help us with our solving of fraction problems.

Have a look at the image below:

So as you can see 7 sevenths + 2 sevenths = 9 sevenths altogether. This could also be written like this 7/7 + 2/7 = 9/7

Now as you may notice the NUMERATOR IS NOW GREATER THAN THE DENOMINATOR. When this happens this is called an IMPROPER  fraction. we need to convert this to a PROPER fraction. A PROPER fraction is when the numerator is either equal or less than the denominator.

So we know that 7/7 is equivalent to 1 whole and we have 2/7 remaining. This can then be written like this:

1 and  2/7 OR 1 2/7 


If you look at the representation above it shows 11/5, to convert this into a PROPER fraction we will need to apply our Times Table knowledge. We need to look at our denominator which is 5 and ask ourselves what multiple of 5 gets you closest to 11? 


We know that 5 x 2 = 10 so that means we have 2 WHOLE ONES and then we will have 1/5 left


WALA the digestive system.

This week in Science we will be learning about the digestive system. You will learn about how food goes from our mouth and through our bodies.

Look at the following information videos.


The digestive system and digestion | Educational Video for Kids

Now you have learnt some things about digestion

Try this at home to show how our stomach works.


Your Task:


Using items from around the home create your own collage diagram to show the digestive system.

Don't forget to label all the important parts.

Can you explain how the food gets from our mouth through our bodies?

Here are some examples of what you can do:

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