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Please share this assembly (PPT below) 'Express yourself' with your child as part of Children's Mental Health Week. There is also a video below (just click the link). Remember you can wear bright, colouring clothing or fancy dress to express yourself today!



WALT make plans and set new goals

We like to start each PSHE lesson with ‘Calm me’ time. This is to allow you to clear your mind ready to learn. 
Click this link to help wind down your body and brain with some yoga:


Watch this clip from the final of The X Factor in 2010:

1. How did One Direction react to being disappointed? 
2. Did they all have the same reaction?
3. What did they all say to show that they were not going to give up on their dream?


Remember, we all face disappointment sometimes.

Staying positive, having determination, resilience and self belief can really help us to manage being disappointed. Negative feelings are a natural part of being disappointed, but can be unhelpful to us if we hold on to them for too long.

- Why is this?
- Where do you think self-belief comes from?
- Can you think of a strategy you could use to let negative feelings go ‘safely’? E.g calm me time



Devise a new three-step approach to recreating your dream using the three dream clouds (picture below)
1. How might you stay positive and resilient?
2. Who might help them to reach their goal?
3. What steps could you take?
4. How will you know when you have achieved your goal?

Extension task:
Can you write a new verse for the Song ‘For me’ which describes what you might do to make a new plan or set a new goal and how you might cope with the situation.

Listen to the song below:

3 For Me (Leading Voices).mp3


Use this website to help your understanding of  Equivalent Fractions from the BBC, then take the quiz. 





Reading comprehension


SPAG WALT use compound and complex sentences

Zoom 2

Today we are going to learn how to write compound and complex sentences.





We can write complex sentences using the subordinate clause at the beginning, middle or end of a sentence. Take a look at the 3 examples below.















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