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WALT use positive experiences to help us with disappointment 

We like to start each PSHE lesson with ‘Calm me’ time. This is to allow you to clear your mind ready to learn. 
Click this link to help wind down your body and brain:
This to our song for this half term ‘For Me’
(the song doesn’t start until about 36 seconds in)

Think of a situation where someone can feel like giving up? Discuss this with your grown up at home.

3 For Me (Leading Voices).mp3

Read these scenarios from last week again:


Choose two of the scenarios and complete these questions for each
1. Write down some advice for the person who is experiencing disappointment.
2. Set a new goal for the person in the scenario.

Extension task:
Can you use these two tasks to give yourself some advice and maybe set a new goal for something that has made you feel disappointment recently?


Spag English

WALT: spell words ending with -que and -gue

Zoom 1

Look at the words below. Which words end with a /k/ sound and which words end with a /g/ sound. What do you notice about the letter string at the end?


We would like you to practise spelling these words using the following activities below:


You can find the activities below.

Challenge 1: Can you think of your own words ending in que and gue?

Challenge 2: Can you find the dictionary definitions of the words and include them in a sentence?












Reading Comprehension

Look at the picture and answer the questions


WALT complete an End of Unit Assessment

Zoom 2

Today we will be applying everything we have been learning this week about Area of Rectilinear shapes in our End of unit Assessment. Like last week this will need to be completed prior to the second Zoom session. You are allowed a maximum of 25 minutes to complete this assessment. An adult is allowed to read each question to you if you would find that helpful HOWEVER you must complete each question INDEPENDENTLY.

During the afternoon Zoom session your teacher will go through each question and you can then mark your own.


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