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WALT discuss how not all hopes and dreams come true

We like to start each PSHE lesson with ‘Calm me’ time. This is to allow you to clear your mind ready to learn. 
Click this link to help wind down your body and brain:

Listen to our song for this half term ‘For Me’  

(the song doesn’t start until about 30seconds in)

3 For Me (Leading Voices).mp3

What is this song trying to teach us about hopes and dreams? Does is teach us anything about being resilient?


Read through these scenarios that have gone wrong:


Discuss the following questions for each scenario:
1. How it might feel?
2. What might the person do in that situation?
3. How could they overcome the hurt that this situation might cause?
4. How could they be more resilient?


Written Task

Write about a time when you may have felt disappointed about a hope or dream and have had to show a level of resilience.


SPaG Test:

Rewrite the sentences below showing the correct possession with the apostrophe in the right place. Good luck!


SPaG WALT spell words using the suffix -sure and -ture

Zoom lesson 1

Today we will be learning to spell words ending in the suffixes -sure and -ture. Watch the video below and complete the activity by clicking the picture below.


Choose a task to complete below. You can complete more than one:



Can you work out what these words are using the first couple of letters and a dictionary: Can you put them into a sentence? Write down at least 3 definitions.




Read the following passage and either highlight or copy the -sure and -ture suffix words. Find the definition of at least 5 of the words using a dictionary.



Get an adult to read out the following sentences. Write down the sentences as you hear them using correct punctuation. Can you spell the -sure and -ture words correctly? Challenge: Can you write a paragraph using as many -sure and -ture words as possible?











WALT compete a mini assessment

Zoom lesson 2

Prior to today's Zoom lesson we need  you to have completed both Maths Assessments. You will find these below on Friday morning. Paper A is all about multiplication and Paper B is all about division. You are being assessed on the methods you have been taught and using over the last fortnight.

Each paper should take you a maximum of 25 minutes to complete and these need to have been completed BEFORE NOT DURING the live lessons. If you would benefit from an adult reading the questions to you that is allowed however we ask that adults DO NOT read the numbers or the symbols to the child when reading a question aloud.

Children are allowed to make jottings anywhere on the paper or on spare paper as long as they write their final answer in the space provided on the paper. We realise that some of you may not have access to a printer and it is perfectly fine for the pupils to read the questions of the screen and write their responses on paper.

During the live lesson your teachers will go through the paper modelling and sharing how to approach each questions and you can mark as you go along.

End of Unit Assessments

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