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Friday 15th January

Happy Friday 

Well done everyone you made it through week 2 of home learning. 


We definitely need to dance on a Friday, let's warm our bodies up and have some fun. 

click on the picture below


Now let's warm up our brains 




Yesterday we learned a new sound. The sound 'w'

Today we are going to read words. 

Look at the words below. Can you match them to the picture. 


We would also like you to practise your reading skills using a website called 'Phonics Play. 

click on the picture below

The login details are

username: jan21

password: home

Follow the instructions below to play the game 'Buried Treasure'



We have been working really hard this week on the 'Part Whole' model. 

Today we are going to see if we can find the missing 'part'. 

Count the 'whole'. Count the amount in the 'part'. How many are needed in the other 'part' to make the 'whole' amount?  

You can draw pictures to help you or work it out practically with items like we did in our Zoom lessons. 



You have worked really hard this week in Maths.

As it's Friday let's have a little bit of fun with maths and see if we can do all of the scavenger hunt tasks. 

Are you ready...... set........ go!!!


1. Find 2 red crayon and 1 blue crayon. How many pencils have you got now? 

2. Find 5 lego pieces and 2 coins. How many items do you have now? Take away 3 blocks, how many items do you have now? 

3. Find 4 socks and 2 teddies.  How many items do you have altogether? 

4. Find 8 sweets. Eat 2 of them. How many do you have now? 

5. Find 3 spoons, 2 books and 1 orange crayon. How many items do you have now?


Remember to send us pictures to or upload them onto your Tapestry account. 



This week we have been learning about Fire Fighters and Police officers. 

Remember to ask your adults to send your questions in that you would like to ask Mr Moore about being a Police Officer. 


Today we are going to have a look at the Police Officers uniform. They have to wear a special uniform so people know who they are and also to protect them.

Have a look at the uniform. Can you label the parts of the uniform and explain to your adult the different parts.   

If you have a printer and would like to have this as a document to cut and stick please find it below. 


Remember our Learning through play focus runs throughout the week. I hope you managed to set your rules and boundaries on Monday, are you sticking to them???

We hope so, we hope you are listening carefully to your adults and following their instructions.


When we are in school we spend much of our time in 'COOL time' (continuing on our learning) this is the time where we learn through play.

We would like you to give your child the opportunity of playing when they are at home but we are going to be putting a focus on each week so when they are playing you can extend their play by incorporating these focusses. 

This weeks focus comes from the area of our curriculum -  'Managing feelings and behaviour' 

The focus is - 'Aware of the boundaries set, and of behavioural expectations'.

This means the children knows the rules, understands why we have them and can follow them.

We thought this would be a good one for the first week. You can sit with your child  and decide together the rules and boundaries that need to be followed while you are home schooling. It is a good idea to write these rules down and for you and your child to sign them showing that everyone understands the rules. Display them so everyone knows the rules you are following and then hopefully the children will follow the rules because they know them and they have made them. 

Thank you for all your smiles in Zoom lesson, Tapestry uploads, and emails.

You are working so hard at home and we are so proud of you all.

Have a relaxing weekend and we will see you on Monday. 

The Reception Team


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