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We have an extra special treat for you this morning boys and girls- an assembly from Mrs Harris! Click the link to the PowerPoint below to listen to her assembly.


Healthy Heart Day!

Today is our annual Healthy Heart Day and although we find ourselves in very different circumstances we still want YOU to participate in the day whether you are in school or at home. Pupils who are in school have been asked to wear their PE kit and something RED. Pupils on Zoom have been asked to wear as much RED as possible. 


Below are some resources which will help you understand how our heart works and what changes we can make in our lives to keep our hearts healthy.




We would like you to investigate how your heart rate changes (increases and decreases) and how different activities affect your heart rate. Below you will find a presentation called 'Investigate heart rate with exercise'- you will find it contains 6 different activities which we want you to participate in. You MUST remember to carry out each activity for the same amount of time to ensure it is a fair test and then measure your heart rate IMMEDIATELY after the activity.


The following link will show you how to measure your heart rate: 


If you then record your findings on the record sheet provided you can then send it over to the year 3 email address if you wish. Remember to include photos of you participating in any of the activities. 


Today we are going to write our review of Julia Donaldson's poem I Opened a Book.


You will need all your work that you have completed this week to help you. 


Click on the poem to hear it being read to you.



Your success criteria for when you write your review of the poem.





Remember we want this to be what you think and your ideas so you are writing in the first person, we will be looking for conjunctions and some interesting openers to your sentences.

You can use this word mat to help you with your spelling and give you some ideas.



We are looking forward to reading your thoughts and feelings about the poem!



Last week we learnt about the Book of the Dead and that it had spells to help the person travel
into the afterlife. This week we will be learning a bit more about what happened when Ancient Egyptians died.


Click on the picture below for some more information about Ancient Egyptian traditions and beliefs about death.



The ancient Egyptians had a strong religious belief that when a person died they would return to an ‘afterlife’ that was almost the same as the life they had when they were alive.
In their belief, the body needed to be preserved so that the person could return.
This is why the Egyptians created mummies.
The process required that not only the outside of the person’s body be mummified, but also all of the internal organs.


Click on the picture to learn about mummification



Canopic jars were created to contain all of the organs, so that upon entering the afterlife, the person would be complete.


The ancient Egyptian religions were very specific about the way someone needed to be prepared so that they could enter the afterlife.
Each of the Canopic jars had a specific purpose and were designed to honor the four sons of Horus.
Horus was the Egyptian god of the sky and the contents of the Canopic jars would go along with the person as they passed through and entered the afterlife and protect the remains.



Canopic jars were highly decorated and the top of each jar was a kind of lid or ‘stopper’.
Each lid had a representation of the head of each of Horus’ four sons and contained a different 
organ.They were put into a special chest that was placed in the tomb of the person that had died.
If there wasn’t a chest to put the jars into, they kept all four jars together and put them close to the mummy.



The four jars (or sons of Horus) were:
Imsety had a human head and carried and protected the liver. 
Qebehsenuf had a falcon’s head and carried and protected the intestines. 
Hapy had the head of a baboon and carried and protected the lungs. 
Duamatef had the head of a jackal and carried and protected the stomach.


Your job today is to design your own Canopic jars. Below are the 4 sons of Horus to help you with your designs.


       Duamatef                       Hapy                            Imsety                                  Qebehsenuf



Today we are going to be adding lengths, remember to convert them so they are the same unit and use column method to help you.

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