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In today's zoom lesson we are reminding ourselves how to write speech using the correct punctuation. We use inverted commas to indicate speech between people or characters.


For example



Challenge, rather than using said - can you think of any other words to use instead?


Sing with Grammarsaurus - Speech Marks/Inverted Commas

Inverted commas


Some of you have been sending fabulous emails to each other. If you haven't had chance yet, have a go today. Follow the instructions below to send an email on Purple Mash to one of your friends in Year 3.



Click on the icon to take you straight to the Purple Mash website.


Remember all the emails you send have to be checked by a teacher first.


In the next few lessons we will be learning all about money. See if you can find any change around your house to help you with your learning over the next week.



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