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Rockstar practice - click on the pictures                            Purple Mash '2do's



                           4 times tables                                                               Maths Quiz - 10 minutes 


                                                                                                                  English - 10 minutes



WALA our hopes and dreams

Click on the picture below to watch and listen to the story about Michael Jordon's dreams.

Click on the picture below to watch and listen to the story about Philipee Petit's dreams.

Do you have a hope or a dream that you would like to achieve? This could be something you want to do at school or something you want to do when you grow older.

Remember a dream does not need to be completed over night... it could take time to achieve and there may be lots of little steps along the way before you can achieve your final goal.


1) Choose three different coloured crayons and grab a piece of paper.

2) First colour - draw an image or write a short paragraph sharing your goals and dreams.

3) Second colour - Write words to describe the skills you will need to achieve your goals and dreams.

4) Third colour - Write how you would feel when you achieve your goals and dreams.


Do you dream to become a nurse, carpenter, firefighter, chef, teacher, artist, author? There are so many things you can do with your life as you grow.

Maybe your dream is to own your own home one day or pass your driving test? It could be a footballer, gymnast, win an Olympic medal or become a superhero.



WALT multiply 3 digit numbers by a single digit number.

This week in maths we have been looking at multiplying a 2 digit number by a single digit  number sometimes involving exchange.

We will show you how to use  a Part - Part Whole model but the most efficient method will be the Column method and this is the method you should be using. REMEMBER TO LINE UP YOUR COLUMNS ACCURATELY AND SHOW YOUR EXCHANGE.



We can partition the number down into Ones, Tens and Hundreds and then add up the totals to find the product:


123 x 4 = 492


A more efficient method would be to use Column multiplication showing your exchange if required.


103 x 4 = 412



WALT - use the possessive apostrophe with plural words



This week we are learning about apostrophes to show possession. Take a look at the PowerPoint and the video (click the picture) below to find out more:







Choose from the following tasks to complete. You can choose to do more than one if you wish.

PFP - Can you use any of the possessive words in your own sentences?



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