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Early Bird Morning Spellings

Finish off Friday

Select your colour and make sure your spellings are completed for the week.


Get some one to quiz you on your words!



WALT: Infer.

Today you are going to get into the role of another character in the story. The little boy. It will be similar to  Wednesday's Zoom lesson when we all did role play and turned into the Badger from the Disgusting Sandwich so you will need to do that again but become the boy.

Some of you may feel this is too tricky and want to become the badger again. If you made a badger mask or hat remember to wear it as it will help you. 


Let's get fluent in 5!

WALA: related facts

Today you are beginning to see links between numbers. You will have a strip of calculations and need to write the related facts.

E.g. 2 + 6 = 8 so 20 + 60 = 80



Use the links below to practise your phonics and reading...


Mrs Wakefield's group are currently working on Phase 5

Mrs Cartwright's group are currently working on Phase 4

Mr Whilton's group are currently working on Phase 2/3


Mr Whilton's Phonics group. WALA: the 'ee' diagraph

Mrs Cartwright's phonics group WALA: Alternate spellings for ai

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