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Foundation Subjects


WALT develop gross motor skills


Follow the link below to the Cosmic Kids YouTube page.

We'd love to see you have a go at following the poses on the screen.



WALT compare the pulse of different songs


Download the PPT below to build on your skills from last week.


WALT find signs of Autumn


Download the PDFs below and complete the Autumn activities.




WALT describe our feelings


Download the PDF below and reflect on your day.

It is really important to think about and talk about how you are feeling.



WALT describe seasonal changes


Can you draw pictures to show seasonal changes in autumn?

Be as creative as you can.

We can't wait to see what you come up with.



WALT keep fit


Use the workout alphabet to spell your name.

You could even spell your brother or sister's name or your favourite fruit or snack.


See if someone can guess what you are spelling out.


Follow the link below to have a go at some Yoga.



WALT clap to the pulse


Download the PPT below and work through the slides to learn all about pulse in music.

Don't miss the links to the different online videos and tasks.



WALT show tone through shading


Our artist this term is Paul Klee. Take a look at the PPT below to familiarise yourself with his work and remind your child as well.


In art so far, we have looked at different lines such as curved, straight, dark and light.

This week, we are focusing on tone through shading:


If you cannot print the sheet or do not have the resources for this task to hand, do not worry. You can explore the different media you do have.


Don't forget to send us your finished work.

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